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Geraldine "Geri" Copitch

Geri Copitch lives in the woods in ‘true’ northern California with her husband of several decades, Phil. Geri earned a degree in sociology from Antioch college. When she isn’t writing she is a teacher working with at risk youth. She is the mom of two boys, and the maid to two cats and a 181 pound pet wolf.

I am often asked how I get my story ideas.


The short answer: From life.


Not a very satisfying answer, is it? Okay, so let’s see… As a child I was prone to getting carsick, which meant that unlike my brother, I couldn’t read on long car rides. Remember, this was back in the dark ages before all things digital. Back in a time when children had to use their imaginations for entertainment. So basically, I daydreamed a lot.


Nowadays, I have a thirty minute commute, along country roads, to my job as a teacher, where my biggest distraction is the occasional suicidal deer. That leaves 29 minutes to daydream. I have great conversations with my characters during my drive time.


Daydreaming leads to “What if…” What if I had a class of fifth graders and told them they were going to spend the month of November writing a story? Would a ten year old boy be as excited as me about it? Probably not…What if…What if he also was in a new school? Why would he be there? What if…What if his older cousin was on a hot shot crew fighting wildfires? What if…What if something happened?


Ideas are all around us, on the road, in the shower, in front of the bathroom mirror. I've had some of my best story ideas come to me while procrastinating.  For me the quiet times are the best time to spot them. I just hope that one leads me to ask, “What if?”

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